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Concrete Repair in Sarasota, Florida

Based in Sarasota, Florida, JHM Construction specializes in driveway concrete repair and replacement, and provides a variety of other concrete services. As a masonry contractor, we can provide beautiful stone accents, as well as any other concrete work you may need.

Curing the Concrete
The most important aspect of concrete construction is in the curing of the concrete. This is often overlooked, but proper curing will allow the concrete to reach its full potential. A curing compound is applied to maximize strength, allowing it to resist cracking and surface grazing.  Control joints are saw-cut, to allow for movement caused by temperature changes and shrinkage during the drying stage.

Finally, the concrete is allowed to cure for a full 7 days. This step is the most important, and also the most neglected. By ignoring this step, the concrete is more likely to crack and is not as durable.

Driveway, Concrete Repair in Sarasota, FL

Driveway Replacement and Repair
Your driveway sees a lot more use than you might think, which can lead to cracks and breaks in the cement. Whether from age or incorrect installation, your driveway will eventually buckle under the pressure, and you will want to repair it to avoid damage to your property—be it your car or your lawn.

Our concrete repair services could be as simple as fixing a crack or as involved and replacing the driveway. When replacing the driveway, there are many things that need to be done. First, the original driveway must be removed and then prepped, which includes grading, compacting, and forming the new area.

The driveway is then reinforced by the installation of a welded wire mesh, which adds tensile strength to minimize cracks. The concrete is poured, and finishing and edging will be done while the concrete sets up.

Other Concrete Construction Services
JHM Construction is a full-service concrete repair and construction company, offering a complete range of masonry and concrete services. Our other services include:

   •  Foundations Pouring
   •  Concrete Flat Work
   •  Masonry Installation
   •  Structural Concrete Work
   •  Stone and Stucco Installation and Application
   •  New Construction Pours
   •  Remodeling Work

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