Driveway Replacement and Repair

Driveway, Concrete Repair in Sarasota, FLYour driveway sees a lot more use than you might think, which can lead to cracks and breaks in the cement. Whether from age or incorrect installation, your driveway will eventually buckle under the pressure, and you will want to repair it to avoid damage to your property—be it your car or your lawn. Our concrete repair services could be as simple as fixing a crack or as involved as replacing the driveway. When replacing the driveway, there are many things that need to be done. First, the original driveway must be removed and then prepped, which includes grading, compacting, and forming the new area.

The driveway is then reinforced by the installation of a welded wire mesh, which adds tensile strength to minimize cracks. The concrete is poured, and finishing and edging will be done while the concrete sets up.